Our client, a manufacturing business, was struggling to convert leads into customers. They were generating leads through their website and marketing campaigns, but they were not seeing the desired results. They approached us for help in optimizing their lead journeys and increasing conversion rates.


he client’s website was not optimized for lead conversion, and they were not effectively nurturing leads through the sales funnel. They were passing leads to the sales team too early, before they were ready to buy, and the sales team was not equipped with the right information to close the deal. This led to a high drop-off rate and low conversion rates.


We started by implementing HubSpot’s lead capture forms on the client’s website to ensure that all leads were captured and stored in HubSpot’s CRM. We then set up lead scoring based on various parameters, such as website activity, email engagement, and form submissions, to identify the most qualified leads.

Next, we created targeted email campaigns to nurture the leads based on their specific interests and needs. We developed a lead nurturing strategy that included sending relevant content, such as whitepapers and case studies, at the right time in the sales funnel.



By using HubSpot’s lead management tools and optimizing the lead journeys, our manufacturing client was able to improve their conversion rates and generate more business. They were able to capture all leads, focus on the most qualified ones, and engage them with relevant content. This resulted in an increase in revenue and improved sales performance for the client. HubSpot’s tools were instrumental in achieving these results, providing a comprehensive solution for lead management and nurturing.

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