CRM Set Up (Start Up)


A startup event management company faced challenges in managing their sales and marketing activities, tracking attendee information, and communicating with sponsors and speakers. To address these issues, they implemented HubSpot, a leading CRM and marketing automation tool.

The Challenge

The startup struggled to manage leads effectively and measure the success of their marketing campaigns. They found it challenging to keep track of attendee information and communicate effectively with sponsors and speakers.

These issues caused inefficiencies and slowed down the event management process, making it difficult for the company to scale.

Our partners


We implemented HubSpot, starting with identifying their goals and objectives for using the platform. We created a project plan, set up the platform by integrating it with their website and event management software, and defined their sales and marketing processes within HubSpot.

We trained their teams and launched the platform to manage their sales and marketing activities, including email campaigns, event registrations, and sponsor communication.


We implemented HubSpot by setting goals, creating a project plan, integrating it with their systems and defining their processes.

This helped the company improve efficiency, productivity, and customer engagement, leading to increased growth and better client service.

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