Automatic Lead Management


Our client was a B2C start-up, selling a mobile app for online shopping. They faced a challenge with their lead management process, as they received hundreds of leads via email each day, which was time-consuming to manually process and assign to the appropriate sales representative.

The Challenge

Our client was manually assigning leads from Gmail to HubSpot, which was a tedious and error-prone process.

Sales reps were often busy with other tasks, and leads would sit in their inbox for hours or even days before being processed.


First, we set up a lead form on the client’s website that was integrated with HubSpot, which allowed leads to be automatically stored in HubSpot.

Next, we created a filter in Gmail to identify the leads that needed to be assigned to sales reps. We then used UiPath, an RPA tool, to create a bot that read the labeled emails in Gmail, extracted the lead information, and created new leads in HubSpot.

We configured the bot to run every hour, which ensured that leads were processed in a timely manner.


Automating lead assignment with HubSpot and RPA improved efficiency, reduced errors, and increased revenue for our client. Sales reps were able to respond to leads faster, resulting in more closed deals.

The automated process also allowed the client to scale their lead management process without hiring additional staff. They were able to handle a higher volume of leads without sacrificing quality or speed.

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