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Customer Retention for SaaS Company

About the client

Our client was a fast-growing SAS (Software As a Service) company that offered a suite of cloud-based tools for small businesses. They had experienced rapid growth but were struggling to manage their customer relationships and retain customers over the long term.

They approached us for help in implementing a CRM system to address these issues.

The challenge

Our client’s sales and customer success teams were using different tools to manage customer data, which led to two major problems:

1. Disjointed Data Management: The client’s sales and customer success teams were using different tools, hindering the tracking of customer interactions and activities.

2. Inefficient Customer Support: The client struggled to handle customer support requests promptly, leading to high customer churn rates.

The solution

To address these challenges, we collaborated with the client to implement a comprehensive CRM system that integrated their sales, marketing, and customer support processes, streamlining customer management across all areas of the business.

1. Centralized Customer Data: By consolidating customer data in HubSpot, we provided a unified view of each customer, enabling better tracking of interactions, activities, and preferences.

2. Improved Customer Support: We implemented features within the CRM system to optimize customer support processes, ensuring timely and efficient handling of support requests.

3. Training and Data Migration: We conducted comprehensive training sessions for the client’s staff, ensuring they were proficient in using the new CRM system. Additionally, we meticulously migrated all existing data to maintain data integrity and continuity.

4. Custom Reports and Dashboards: To empower the client with actionable insights, we developed custom reports and intuitive dashboards. These tools allowed them to monitor sales performance, customer behavior, and overall customer satisfaction effortlessly.

The result


Decrease in churn rate.


Increase in customer retention rate.


Increase in sales conversion rate.

By implementing a tailored CRM system, we helped our client overcome their customer relationship and retention challenges. The comprehensive solution not only provided a centralized hub for customer data but also empowered the client with actionable insights and streamlined processes.

As a result, they experienced improved customer experiences, reduced churn rates, and increased sales performance.

Working with VEXCO has been a game-changer for our business. Their implementation of a CRM system has revolutionized the way we manage our customer relationships. We were struggling with disparate tools and inefficiencies that hindered our growth. Vexco’s tailored solution has completely transformed our operations.

Not only did Vexco seamlessly integrate our sales, marketing, and processes into a single platform, but they also provided comprehensive training to our staff, ensuring a smooth transition. The new system has empowered our teams to effectively manage customer interactions, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and retention rates.”

Head of Marketing

SAS company in Barcelona


CRM SET UP: We helped our customers to set up their CRM from scratch by analysing their main painpoints.

CUSTOMER JOURNEY: We improved client communication with their leads by creating a personalised customer journey…

CONNECTING ERP WITH CRM: We connected both hubspot and holded in order to see in real time both payments and customer touchpoints.

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